Friday, 12 September 2014

On a hot sunny Saturday,I was cooking, with Khan and Breyton ,and Terrah we were all cooking for our family,at our house because it was, mothers day and our family love it.

First I cooked with my cousin
then,we dropped the paddies,and the chicken on the pan
18/3 E ako ana ahau ki te write an orientation.
on a hot sunny day my whanau and I travelled in our car to the Beach so we can have a swim
Because it was to hot and we bomd in the water at the same time after that we had a sand carsull rase then we had mcdonalds it was  yum after a long time we packt up and whach the sun set   then we got in the car then drove bake home and whach tv then got in bed
the next day it was raining and we had to stay inside, and I was drawing a picture oof shadow the hedgehog easily  well the athers was whuching tv and then the sun came up and the sun dried the rain my family and I went out side and pelling the weds out of the garden after that we walked down town and we got some drinks and loles had some pizza buns then we walked back  Home and we all had lunch. and then my dad got some cakes and fish and chips and chiken.