Friday, 12 September 2014

On a hot sunny Saturday,I was cooking, with Khan and Breyton ,and Terrah we were all cooking for our family,at our house because it was, mothers day and our family love it.

First I cooked with my cousin
then,we dropped the paddies,and the chicken on the pan


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  2. Ni Hao Bjorn! I`m Ella from Grey Main School Mamaku Hub! It sounds like you had fun cooking and that is a great thing do do for your Mum on Mothers Day! What did you bake? Next time you could give a little bit more detail. Bye for now from Ella!

  3. Kia Ora Bjorn my name is Levi C from Grey Main School. I like how your telling me all about your cooking on sunny Saturday comment. I think its Ka mau te wehi (Awesome). maybe next you could work on some full stops. Did you enjoy putting it on to your blog?

  4. Kia ora Bjorn My name is Levi B from Grey Main school. I really like how you were cooking for mothers day. I think that you could put more information about what you were making. next time you could tell us who you were making with. miharo work (amazing work)